Open Question Consultancy

Price : INR Rs. 450/-

Offer Price : Rs. 195/-  

 Personal Astrologer for any Problem.

You can ask and consult astrologer with any of the Question you have in your mind. This is basically Open Question consultancy where you can discuss more closely to astrologer about any problems in your Life. Astrologer provide personal service and give proper time to analyse your horoscope. Different methods of Astrology is used to answer and thus it takes time. To get accuracy it is very important to have read horoscope by using different methods and not just Horary and thus we use Vedic, Nadi and Jaimini Astrology to get your answer and try to find the best solution. This is premium service as special focus is been given to read your horoscope and different methods is used to get even a single answer. It takes time to deliver.

Ask maximum upto 3 questions in same category of Life. Like example if you are asking question related to your business then ask all three Question about your business, career, profession etc. Two completely different Question from different area of Life will not be answered.


 Download askPrediction App from Google Playstore and ask Question from there.

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