Career Report

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Career and Profession analysis is done by astrologer by using different methods of astrology. Career is the most difficult part in astrology to analyze with accuracy. Different methodology is used to read horoscope focussing completely on career and profession part. Inner and outer personality has been decode to know most suitable career for any person. Different charts are used and astrologer see strength of planet, sign, house, nakshastra in all different charts whether it is supporting or not. If you are in business then the right business and right time is analysed. Promotion in job or growth in business everything is analysed in very depth to predict and make accuracy level very high. Career obstacle and problems may be because planet and rasi are not supporting and this is analysed.

Highlights of this report:

  • Know about your suitable profession
  • Know which profession or career best suits you, based on your horoscope.
  • Know whether you are fit for business or not.
  • Insight about career benefits & prospects
  • Get an insight about the benefits & prospects of your professional life. 
  • Positive time for your career
  • Know about career growth & get suggestions
  • Forecast about your career
  • Know how you can benefit more from your existing job, profession, business etc.
  • Different charts, Dasha Period, Planet position and their effects and many more.
  • After delivering report you can also do any query if you have in mind till next few days.

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