Child Education & Career Report

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Everyone wants to know their children future in education and career. This report is all about child's educationa and career. It is said that to become successful you need to go through the best expertise and talent you are having in you. All the children born with different aura or say energy with different horscope which reveals the best in them. This report will give details on strength and weaknesses of the horoscope and thereby help you to discover the potential for development and growth of your child. If the horoscope of your child indicates obstacles or evil effects created by the planets, in that case, we can suggest you instant and effective remedies in solving all kinds of troubles and tensions.

This report also suggest best remedies which would help to reduce the negatives and improve your child's life. There will be proper guidance in this report what your children should do and the best way to do the things.

Some important reports details are:-

  • Child's natal horoscope
  • Astrological finer details
  • Concerned houses effects
  • Position of planets and their effects.
  • Important Divisional Chart
  • Weaknesses and overall Strength
  • Your main concern about your child
  • Table of planetary periods
  • Analysis of the Vedic Dasha
  • Best suited remedies
  • You can also ask query within certain days if have any doubt.


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